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The AcceleRATE feature introduced in FIFA 23 is making a return in EA Sports FC 24, this time with even more pace types on offer. Here’s a breakdown of every acceleration type in EA FC 24, including Lengthy, Explosive, Controlled, and more.

EA Sports FC 24 is set to arrive in September, kicking off the next era of football games under a brand-new name. Fans can look forward to plenty of innovations across modes like Career Mode and Ultimate Team, including the new PlayStyles and Evolutions.

But among all the fresh gameplay features in EA FC 24, the devs are also doubling down on a number of elements from the previous year. This includes the controversial AcceleRATE system, which is back again with even different acceleration types to take into account.

Here’s everything you need to know about AcceleRATE in EA FC 24, as well as a breakdown of every acceleration type.

What is AcceleRATE in EA Sports FC 24?

EA FC 24’s AcceleRATE system assigns each player in the game an archetype that determines how they use their pace when running for the ball. These types are decided by a combination of a player’s acceleration stat, height, agility, and strength.

The main goal is to make each individual player feel as realistic as possible, as well as ensure that defenders that might be slower on paper still have a fighting chance against pacey strikers and wingers.

For example, Kylian Mbappe will have a higher pace stat than most players in EA FC 24, but tall defenders with longer strides will be able to catch him over long distances thanks to their acceleration type.

EA Sports FC 24 acceleration types
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Each acceleration type will have a huge impact on pace in EA Sports FC 24.

Every acceleration type in EA FC 24

There are a total of seven different acceleration types in EA Sports FC 24, four more than in FIFA 23. The three core types from last year, Controlled, Lengthy, and Explosive, are back again, but more incremental varieties have been added to make each player feel unique.

Check out every acceleration type in EA FC 24 below, along with their descriptions:

Acceleration Type Description
Controlled The most common acceleration type, players use their pace in a “balanced and controlled” way.
Explosive More agile players that get off the mark quickly but slow down over time.
Lengthy Tall players who take a while to get up to speed, but excel over long distances.
Controlled Explosive 50% Explosive, 50% Controlled.
Mostly Explosive 70% Explosive, 30% Controlled.
Controlled Lengthy 50% Lengthy, 50% Controlled
Mostly Lengthy 70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled

How EA Sports FC 24 acceleration types are decided?

EA Fc 24’s acceleration types are decided by a combination of physical stats, which were outlined in the early Pitch Notes. Check them out below:

Type Height Agility Strength Acceleration Agility vs Strength
Explosive (Pure) <= 175 cm (~5’9’’)
[5’9.3 ft / 176.2 cm]
>= 80 >= 80 >= 20
Mostly Explosive <= 182 cm (~6’0’’)
[6’0 ft / 183.1 cm]
>= 70 >= 80 >= 12
Controlled Explosive <= 182 cm (~6’0’’)
[ 6’0 ft / 183.1 cm]
>= 65 >= 70 >= 4
Controlled Any Any Any Any Any
Controlled Lengthy >= 181 cm (~5’11’’)
[5’11.1 ft / 180.6 cm]
>= 65 >= 40 >= 4
Mostly Lengthy >= 183 cm (~6’0’’)
[5’11.8 / 182.57 cm]
>= 75 >= 55 >= 12
Lengthy (Pure) >= 188 cm (~6’2’’)
[6’1.8 ft / 187.45 cm]
>= 80 >= 55 >= 20

That was everything you need to know about every AcceleRATE type in EA Sports FC 24. Only time will what impact these acceleration styles with have on the meta once the game arrives on September 29.

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