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Fairy-type Pokemon can hide great power behind their cuteness, so here’s everything you need to know about their weaknesses and resistances to beat them in battle.

Fairy-type Pokemon are the latest type added to the franchise so it’s no wonder many fans still have trouble figuring out how to beat them. Introduced in Gen 6, Fairy-type Pokemon can be formidable opponents even when they’re some of the cutest in the whole franchise.

Whether you’re trying to catch Fairy-type Pokemon across different Pokemon games or you need to defeat a tough one in battle, here’s everything you need to know about their weaknesses and resistances so they don’t catch you off guard.

What are Fairy-type Pokemon?

Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced to the franchise with Pokemon X and Y. They usually have pink in their color schemes and are very adorable, except for a few terrifying examples.

Since they were introduced in Gen 6, many previously created Pokemon changed their nature, whether transforming entirely into a Fairy-type or becoming dual-type Pokemon. There aren’t many pure Fairy-type Pokemon out there, so you’ll need to take their second type into account when trying to find weaknesses to take advantage of.

Sylveon and Eevee in the Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Sylveon is one of the most popular Fairy-type Pokemon.

All Fairy-type Pokemon Weaknesses

Fairy-type Pokemon are weak to Steel and Poison-type attacks, so make sure to pick counters in those categories.

It’s also important to note that those Steel and Poison-type Pokemon must have movesets that match their types to be effective. This is because Fairy-types have the highest average Special Defense of all types.

All Fairy-type Pokemon Resistances

Since their introduction in Pokemon X and Y, Fairy-type Pokemon are resistant to Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type attacks. More importantly, Fairy-type Pokemon are immune to Dragon-type attacks.

This shouldn’t be a surprise since Fairy-type Pokemon were created to balance the Dragon and Dark-type Pokemon.

When it comes to strengths, Fairy-type Pokemon are strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type opponents.

When picking a counter to battle a Fairy-type Pokemon, is also important to know that many of them can learn Psychic-type attacks, which are strong against Poison-types. With that in mind, Steel-type Pokemon are the safest bet.

That’s all you need to know to face a Fairy-type opponent on your Pokemon journey.

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