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Diablo 4 doesn’t have an offline mode due to which players have repeatedly complained about server outages, lag, and log-in issues. Read to know if Diablo 4 servers are currently down and why you might be seeing log in error codes like 315306.

Diablo 4 is already the fastest-selling Blizzard game of all time but this hasn’t stopped the players from voicing their opinion against the lack of an offline mode. The latest installment in the series has a long campaign and an expansive open world and most players wish to explore these features alone.

Login errors and long queue times naturally add to the frustration of players. Although the developers have been quick to resolve such issues so far, it still hinders the overall experience.

If you’ve been kicked out of Diablo 4 or can’t log in despite having a stable internet connection, here’s everything about the current server status.

Lillith in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players experiencing network issues will want to check the game’s server status.

Diablo 4 server status

Diablo 4 servers are currently down as many players are facing login issues and getting the Diablo 4 315306 error code that warns them about not having a valid license.

Diablo’s Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher confirmed that the team is aware of login issues and is working to resolve them as soon as possible.

FYI – Yes team is aware of login issues with D4. Breaking news is up on the D4 tab in Bnet and in-game on consoles.

— Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) June 25, 2023

The issue is so severe that the Diablo 4 tab on the launcher is also confirming the server outage and it is affecting other games as well.

Yes – This is affecting more than just Diablo IV.

— Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) June 25, 2023

This isn’t the first time that Diablo 4 players have experienced a server crash. During the official launch on June 6, many players could not log in and were welcomed with a prompt saying – “your login attempt has timed out.”

How to check if Diablo 4’s servers are down

A great way to check if Diablo 4’s servers are down is through their official Twitter page, which will provide updates on network issues such as the invalid license errors on PlayStation.

You can also check Diablo 4’s server status through the website, as here there is a Diablo 4 support page that will inform players when the game’s servers are down, as well as any scheduled maintenance that may occur.

On this page, players can also access trending articles and tech support if they wish to find more information about an issue they are having.

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