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Let’s face it: XDefiant wouldn’t be a proper FPS without the option of unlocking the AK-47. Even though it might not be the best weapon in the game, there’s a loadout that gets it from an unwieldy gun to a potent Assault Rifle. Here’s the best AK-47 loadout for XDefiant.

Ubisoft are making sure that every weapon in XDefiant Open Beta gets a build to dominate the match. Players may have been a little bit underwhelmed by the AK-47’s initial setup, but there’s a loadout that can help it contend with the best weapons in XDefiant.

Even though all attachments are available in the Open Beta, Kalashnikov fans should be aware that once the game goes live, they can take time to unlock. However, once it’s done, there’s little that could stop a decent skilled player with a well-equipped AK-47. Check out how to build the best AK-47 loadout in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant AK-47 loadout attachments

Keep in mind that you can only use five attachments in XDefiant Open Beta.

  • Barrel: Recon
  • Front Rail: PEQ 15
  • Optics: Reflex
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster

We’ve built the best XDefiant AK-47 with the Recon Barrel for quicker handling to give a fast draw to ensure targets. With the PEQ-15 Front Rail attachment, you’ll add accuracy when firing from the hip, which is better in close range and quick matches. To add more mobility, the Quick Draw Rear Grip helps to draw your weapon faster after sprinting.

The Muzzle Booster is great for an increased fire rate that can be optimized by choosing the Reflex Optics attachment for better accuracy. If you rather eliminate the classic AK-47 recoil instead, you can switch the latter for a Padded Stock attachment.

How to unlock AK-47 in XDefiant

XDefiant Open Beta is all about testing the different options in the player’s arsenal, so all weapons are unlocked at the beginning. But once the game goes live, players should know that unlocking its attachments can take a little while. To get the AK-47 you’ll need to deal 1000 damage with assault rifles, and it’s better to start the M4A1 since it’s the only assault rifle unlocked at level one.

When the full game launches later in Summer 2023, we’ll let you know how to unlock the AK-47.

Best XDefiant AK-47 alternatives

XDefiant ACR 6.8 loadout

The classic ACR 6.8 rifle returns in XDefiant.

A good alternative to the AK-47 is the M4A1 or the ACR 6.8. The M4A1 has less firepower, but definitely boasts more mobility and accuracy. In comparison, the AK-47 boasts higher firepower but lacks in the mobility department.

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