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If you want to achieve success with your club in FIFA 23 Career Mode, you need to ensure consistent production of goals from he best strikers. To help you out, we have put together a list of the highest-rated strikers and promising young players in FIFA 23’s Career Mode.

While they wait for new details about EA FC 24, such as the rating reveal or in-depth features of the game modes, players can still enjoy everything that FIFA 23 has to offer.

Ultimate Team continues to be the main attraction for FIFA 23, but Career Mode is not without its dedicated and passionate fanbase. Each year, players flock to Career Mode to nurture young talent and guide their club to success.

Winning titles is no simple task, but it can be made easier with the best strikers in FIFA 23 on your team. Whether you’re looking for the best strikers in the world at the moment or planning to develop the next great goal scorer, we’ve got you covered.

Mbappe in FIFA 23
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Kylian Mbappe is one of the best strikers in FIFA 23.

Best strikers in FIFA 23 Career Mode

The best strikers in FIFA 23 will slot right into your starting eleven. These players are the most prolific goal scorers available in Career Mode.

However, given their stature, you’ll only be able to secure the following players if you’re managing a club with a massive transfer budget. If you can splash the cash, then investing in goals is a safe bet.

FIFA 23 delivers a three-way tie when it comes to the best strikers in the game. Kylian Mbappe finally claims his spot as the game’s highest-rated striker, but he’s joined by the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema.

Player Name Age Club Value Wage Starting OVR Potential OVR
Kylian Mbappe 23 PSG €190.5M €230K 91 95
Karim Benzema 34 Real Madrid €64M €450K 91 91
Robert Lewandowski 33 Barcelona €84M €420K 91 91
Harry Kane 28 Tottenham €105.5M €240K 89 89
Erling Haaland 21 Manchester City €160M €230K 89 94
Sadio Mane 30 Bayern Munich €89.5M €150K 88 88
Cristiano Ronaldo 37 Al Nassr €27M €71K 87 87
Ciro Immobile 32 Lazio €55M €100K 86 86
Lautaro Martinez 24 Inter Milan €94M €110K 86 89
Paulo Dybala 28 Roma €69.5M €130K 86 86
Christopher Nkunku 24 RB Leipzig €94M €92K 86 89

Best young strikers in FIFA 23 Career Mode

While the best strikers will attract the world’s most ambitious clubs, there’s always the opportunity to develop young talent and watch them become the best right in front of your eyes.

These strikers are a bargain for sides looking to give young players a shot at regular playing time. Your initial investment will skyrocket if your club succeeds with these players leading the line.

Benjamin Šeško and Youssoufa Moukoko are two of the standout names on this list that are destined for greatness.

Player Name Age Club Value Wage Starting OVR Potential OVR
Rasmus Hojlund 19 Atalanta €4.5M €17K 71 86
Henrique Pereira Araújo 20 Benfica €4.5M €21.5K 71 85
Mathys Tel 17 Bayern Munich €2.6M €3.5K 67 86
Benjamin Šeško 19 RB Salzburg €9M €15.5K 74 85
Youssoufa Moukoko 17 Borussia Dortmund €13M €8K 75 89
Marko Lazetic 18 AC Milan €2M €1.6K 65 85
Joao Pedro 20 Watford €5.5M €24.5K 72 85
Facundo Farias 19 Colon €12M €8.9K 75 85
Dane Scarlett 18 Tottenham €2M €1.5K 65 85
Mohamed-Ali Cho 18 Real Sociedad €5.5M €9K 72 85

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