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Fortnite escape room is a genre that challenges players to use their brains and teamwork skills to escape from various scenarios in Fortnite Creative 2.0. Here are some of the best Fortnite escape room maps that you should check out with your friends in 2023.

Fortnite is a game that offers more than just a battle royale. It also has an updated creative mode where you can unleash your imagination and create your own custom maps. You can also play the custom maps made by other players. Some of the popular custom map types include edit courses, hide and seek, realistic maps, and escape rooms.

In escape rooms, you have to find a way out of a locked area by solving puzzles and finding clues. This helps you improve your problem-solving skills and teamwork for actual matches. You can also play these escape rooms with your friends or solo, depending on your preference.

Here are the best Fortnite escape room codes that you should try in 2023.

Fortnite escape room codes in 2023

Here are the 10 best Fortnite escape room codes:

Fortnite FNAF – Survival Map

Fortnite FNAF Survival map thumbnail featuring Freddy Fazbear

Fortnite escape room maps can have themes based on other games, movies, and TV shows.

Code: 6818-1973-1257

This escape room is inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s and just like the popular game series, you are stuck in a haunted pizzeria with animatronics and have to escape it before they get you.

You can play in this escape room with up to twelve players and can also use cameras to watch the pizzeria. But watch out for jumpscares, this escape room is unique and scary.

Fortnite Realistic Room | Escape Map

Screengrab of the room in Fortnite Realistic Room Escape map.

Escape room maps can help you think quickly.

Code: 3117-2674-9182

Realistic Room is a showcase of the new UEFN features and graphics. It has a realistic-styled living room with beautiful details. It also has that classic escape room feel with puzzles to solve.

Players who manage to escape from the room get to enjoy a realistic view of the Fortnite word.

Fortnite Giant Escape Room 6 Map

Screengrab of a room and a character in Fortnite Giant Escape Room 6

Escape room maps can provide unique conditions to make the challenge hard.

Code: 3562-7955-0855

This is the sixth installment of the series where players are shrunken down and everything else is huge making them navigate through a room with giant-sized furniture and equally giant puzzles.

It is a medium to hard difficulty escape room with no clues. Players can play this map with some of their friends for some support, or try to go through it alone.

Fortnite Rob the Bank Map

A character looking at a bank in Fortnite Rob the Bank map.

You can recreate old Fortnite POIs through Creative 2.0.

Code: 2694-7072-8480

Rob the Bank escape room is a criminal adventure where you have to rob a bank. You want to escape your poor town and you need money fast. But this bank is not easy to rob; it has many traps and security. You have to be careful and smart, find the vault keys, and escape with weapons.

Fortnite School Escape Room Map

Fortnite School Escape Room map thumbnail with two characters in a school.

Escape rooms are also great to play with a large group of friends.

Code: 8458-6009-4415

School Escape Room is a casual adventure where you have to escape school. The premise is you are tired of school and want to get out of there. Players have to solve different puzzles to escape 40 school locations and also find 10 hidden toilet paper rolls.

Fortnite Duo Escape-Run & Boss Fight Map

Fortnite Duo Escape-Run & Boss Fight thumbnail featuring two Fortnite characters.

Fortnite escape room maps are also used as challenges in events.

Code: 5990-7622-1438

This escape room requires you to have a great duo connection. You have to work together with your teammate to solve the puzzles and escape a 3×3 platform. There are 10 rounds that you have to complete in a row. If you collaborate well, you will finish these levels with ease.

Fortnite Dungeon Prison Escape Map

Fortnite Dungeon Prison Escape map thumbnail showcasing the long dungeon.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 is filled with thousands of escape room maps to choose from.

Code: 0552-2312-0439

Players are transported to a scary dungeon prison break scenario in this escape room. The dungeon has long and dark corridors that they have to traverse and find a way out while surviving the dangers. The light and darkness contrast is more dramatic and terrifying with the special Lumen light.

Fortnite The Space Inside Map

Fortnite The Space Inside map featuring a character in a spaceship.

Some Fortnite Escape rooms focus on quick thinking while others on logical thinking.

Code: 9836-7381-5978

Looking for a captivating and immersive escape room? If so, The Space Inside is the perfect choice for you. In this solo experience, you will have the opportunity to discover different rooms and unravel their secrets. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about other people or time pressure. You can enjoy the adventure at your own pace and explore everything that The Space Inside has to offer.

Fortnite DOORS Map

Fortnite Doors escape room thumbnail featuring a character hiding from a monster.

Quick reaction time can help you win actual games.

Code: 3321-6193-5191

DOORS, a famous Roblox game, is the inspiration for this terrifying escape room in Fortnite. You are stuck in a hotel and you have to go through different doors, each with a different monster and a different challenge.

How to use Fortnite escape room Codes

You can use escape room codes in Fortnite by either adding them to your playlist or loading them in Creative 2.0. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Fortnite and in the game Lobby switch to Creative 2.0 and join it.
  2. Once in Creative 2.0, head to any of the island portals and hover over it until you see Change Destination, and click on it.
  3. An Island Code pop-up will appear. Get a code from above and paste the code and hit Enter.
  4. Wait for the island to load and then walk through the portal to join the game.

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