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The FTAC Siege is a devastating Secondary in Warzone 2 Season 4, combing the power of an SMG with the mobility of a Handgun. Here’s how you can take advantage of the weapon and build the best FTAC Siege loadout for Warzone 2.

Building the best Warzone 2 loadout with your desired weapon can make the difference when it comes to winning and losing, as choosing optimal attachments and Perks is vital, especially in the battle royale’s Ranked Play.

The Season 3 Reloaded update introduced players to two brand-new Secondary Handguns, the GS Magna and the FTAC Siege. The latter boasts a rapid fully automatic fire rate that has seen it continue to dominate matches into Season 4.

Here’s to how to create the best FTAC Siege loadout in Warzone 2 Season 4, including the ideal attachments, Perks, and Equipment.

Best Warzone 2 FTAC Siege loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: Bruen Pendulum
  • Barrel: CMRN-50
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum
  • Rear Grip: FTAC Stead
  • Laser: FJX DIOD-70

To kick off this best Warzone 2 FTAC Siege loadout, the Bruen Pendulum muzzle is a great pick for reducing both vertical and horizontal recoil, taming the weapon’s rapid fire rate.

Next, the CMRN-50 barrel does a great job at increasing the FTAC Siege’s bullet velocity, making it perform even more like an SMG.

As for the Magazine, the 50 Round Drum is plenty of ammo for you to take down multiple enemies with the FTAC Siege without needing to reload. The weapon’s fire rate means you can run out of ammo pretty quickly, but the 50 Round Drum certainly counters that issue.

To further decrease the weapon’s recoil, the FTAC Stead rear grip does wonders when it comes to recoil control, and the FJX DIOD-70 laser provides some aim-down sight and sprint-to-fire speed to balance it all out.

ftac siege in warzone 2

The FTAC Siege acts similarly to an SMG with these attachments.

Best Warzone 2 FTAC Siege loadout Perks & Equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Bomb Squad
  • Base Perk 2: Double Time
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

This FTAC Siege loadout aims to make it as close to an SMG as possible, allowing you to choose Bomb Squad and Double Time instead of having to run Overkill.

As for the Bonus Perk, Fast Hands is perfect for the FTAC Siege, as you’ll find yourself switching to it a lot in close-range battles. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with Ghost for the Ultimate Perk, as it keeps you off the radar and leaves enemies in the dark when it comes to your location.

When it comes to your Equipment, the Semtex is great for putting pressure on enemies, especially if you get a stick, while the Stun Grenade is great for pushing and clearing out areas.

How to unlock FTAC Siege in Warzone 2

To unlock the FTAC Siege in Warzone 2, players must get 50 sidearm hipfire Operator kills using Handguns. This unlock challenge may seem difficult, but if you have Modern Warfare 2, it will make it a lot easier.

Set up an Akimbo Handgun class and head into Shipment 24/7 or any other small map playlist and you’ll get the hipfire kills in no time.

Best Primary weapon for the FTAC Siege in Warzone 2

We’re recommending the TAQ-V Battle Rifle as your loadout’s Primary weapon to pair with the FTAC Siege machine pistol.

The TAQ-V is a powerful Battle Rifle that can be used at both long and medium ranges, with the option of semi-automatic and fully automatic.

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