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The Kicker position may go unnoticed in Madden games, but it is always crucial to have a great Kicker who can secure victory in seemingly lost plays. Who will be the best kicker in Madden 24? Here are our top 10 predictions for the highest-rated Kickers in Madden 24.

Often overlooked, Kickers play a vital role in a football game, as well as in Madden games, by converting field goals, extra points, and landing pinpoint kickoffs. Kickers have the power to turn the tide of a game and contribute crucial points that can determine the outcome of a match.

It’s always important to have a phenomenal Kicker on your team, like Justin Tucker. But there’s only one Justin Tucker, which is why we’ve decided to bring you our predictions of the top 10 highest-rated Kickers in Madden 24.

Justin Tucker in Madden 24
EA Sports

Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker is expected to be the highest-rated Kicker in Madden 24.

Best Madden 24 Kicker rating predictions

While we eagerly anticipate EA Sports’ official ratings for Madden 24, we have decided to create our top 10 predictions for the best Kickers in the game. Our list includes Daniel Carlson, Bryan Anger, Graham Gano, and of course, Justin Tucker.

Player Name Team Upgrade/Downgrade Rating Prediction
Justin Tucker Baltimore Ravens +2 92
Daniel Carlson Las Vegas Raiders +2 83
Graham Gano New York Giants +2 83
Jake Elliot Philadelphia Eagles +5 81
Robbie Gould San Francisco 49ers +1 81
Evan McPherson Pittsburgh Steelers -3 80
Matt Prater Arizona Cardinals +2 80
Younghoe Koo Atlanta Falcons -2 80
Chris Boswell Pittsbourgh Steelers -3 79
Harrison Butker Kansas City Chiefs -5 79

There are high chances that Baltimore Ravens Justin Tucker will remain the highest-rated Kicker in Madden 24. His near-perfect accuracy and statistics place him among the greatest Kickers in NFL history, making it difficult to dethrone him for the next Madden installment.

The most improved rating in our prediction is Jake Elliot from the Philadelphia Eagles, and the simple reason is that Elliot had key performances last season with a lot of successful field goals.

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