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Tight Ends play a crucial role in Madden NFL 24, combining the skills of a receiver and a blocker. TEs are versatile players who can impact both the passing and running game, but who will be the highest-rated Tight End in Madden 24? Here are our top 10 Tight End rating predictions.

As we get closer to the official release of Madden 24, scheduled for August 18, the next installment from EA Sports not only brings back the acclaimed Superstar mode but also promises to take the gaming experience to the next level with the new technology features. However, fans still have questions about Madden 24 ratings.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the reveal of Madden 24 ratings. After winning Super Bowl LVII, fans are wondering if Travis Kelce will once again be the best Tight End in the game or if there will be a surprise in the top spot. Here are our predictions for the best Tight Ends in Madden 24.

When will Madden 24 ratings be revealed?

The official date for the Madden 24 rating reveal has yet to be announced, but there are indications that EA Sports will release details soon. According to rumors, it is likely to happen in July, which generates excitement among fans.

Travis Kelce in Madden 24
EA Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce is expected to be the highest-rated Tight End in Madden 24.

Best Madden 24 Tight End rating predictions

While awaiting official announcements from EA Sports, here are our predictions for the top 10 highest-rated Tight Ends in Madden 24. Standout performers like Dallas Goedert, Pat Freiermuth, and David Njoku, who demonstrated significant improvement last season, are expected to secure prominent positions.

Player Name Team Upgrade/Downgrade Rating Prediction
Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs +1 99
George Kittle San Francisco 49ers -1 96
Mark Andrews Baltimore Ravens +2 95
T.J. Hockenson Minnesota Vikings +1 90
Dallas Goedert Philadelphia Eagles +4 89
Darren Waller Las Vegas Raiders -4 87
Kyle Pitts Atlanta Falcons -1 86
David Njoku Cleveland Browns +5 85
Evan Engram Jacksonville Jaguars +3 84
Patrick Freiermuth Pittsburgh Steelers +5 84

David Njoku, Patrick Freiermuth, and Dallas Goedert might be the most improved Tight Ends in Madden 24. The first two have had incredible seasons with the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively. However, the one who has done the best has been Dallas Goedert because he played in Superbowl LVII with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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