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The release date for the upcoming NBA 2K24 is still a mystery, which is why we have prepared our predictions for the top 10 highest-rated Small Forwards in NBA 2K24 while we wait for any related announcements from the developers.

LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, and Kawhi Leonard have one thing in common: they are three of the most influential Small Forwards in the NBA, and they are likely to be among the top players on the list of highest-rated SFs in NBA 2K24.

However, to find out for sure, we still need to wait for the rating reveal announcement from NBA 2K24 devs. In the meantime, while we eagerly await further updates from 2K Games, here are our predictions for the top 10 best Small Forwards in NBA 2K24.

LeBron James NBA 2K24
2K Games

LeBron James is expected to be one of the highest-rated players in NBA 2K24.

Best NBA 2K24 Small Forward rating predictions

While 2K Games have kept us in suspense regarding the official list of top-rated players for NBA 2K24, we couldn’t resist making some predictions of our own. So here is our prediction of the top 10 best NBA 2K24 Small Forwards.

Player Name Team Upgrade/Downgrade Rating Prediction
LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers -2 95
Jimmy Butler Miami Heat +1 94
Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Clippers -1 91
Paul George Los Angeles Clippers -2 87
Brandon Ingram New Orleans Pelicans 87
Michael Porter Jr. Denver Nuggets +2 85
Mikal Bridges Brooklyn Nets -2 85
Andrew Wiggings Golden State Warriors +2 84
R.J. Barrett New York Knicks +1 83
Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks -3 83

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