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The Pokemon Company launched official forums for players to exchange opinions and chat about the franchise, but it quickly became a chaotic place to set foot in.

A tumultuous social media landscape continued to jeopardize the status of Reddit and Twitter in the last couple of weeks, and The Pokemon Company thought it’d be a good idea to launch its official community forum.

This way, fans of the franchise have a place to discuss anything related to Pokemon, from video games to TCG, the TV show, and more.

However, things didn’t go as planned and the official Pokemon forums were flooded with dubious content on its very first day. Although The Pokemon Company already has moderators taking a close look at new threads, the platform had a rocky and very ‘memeable’ start.

Official Pokemon forums flooded with questionable content

The Pokemon Company shared a blog post on July 3 to invite fans to join the conversation in the official newly launched forums. “You can stay up to date with the latest Pokemon news, discuss who your favorite Pokemon is, and even help the community at large by submitting bug reports for Pokemon TCG Live or Pokemon UNITE,” read the post.

Since Pokemon has fans of all ages all over the world, it didn’t take long for the forum to sink into chaos. Of course, many threads went on to ask fans what their favorite game in the franchise is, or what Pokemon they love the most if they’d have to pick just one.

However, other discussions were a little weirder, like the one asking what Pokemon would be the best at operating a Hyundai 25L-7 forklift.

Other threads also dived into more spicy and even NSFW discussions that violated the forum’s rules, but the lack of moderation resulted in these threads being featured in the ‘Hot Topics’ section of the site.

So there’s an official Pokemon forum now apparently and LMAO??

— Touya! ★ (@Touyarokii) July 5, 2023

Due to these tumultuous couple of days, fans argued that the official Pokemon forums wouldn’t last long. While The Pokemon Company launched the forums with the goal of bringing trainers together to chat about games and create hype for what’s coming, the amount of Pokemon fans overwhelmed the platform in mere hours.

Currently, there are dedicated forums for Pokemon TCG and TCG Live, Pokemon UNITE, and general forums for all things Pokemon. As things stand, activity returned to normal and the forum now has little to no activity, but there’s no way to tell if another surge will arrive in the coming weeks.

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