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The Aspect of Retaliation is a very sought-after Legendary Aspect for Druids in Diablo 4. If you want to get your hands on it to get stronger, here’s everything you need to know.

Diablo 4 lets players build their character however they like thanks to many systems, Aspects, and items that adjust to different playstyles. Druids can be tricky for some newcomers, but there are many ways to enhance their capabilities with the right build.

The Offensive Aspect of Retaliation is one of the best Aspects for Druids in the game since it can improve the damage dealt with Core Skills based on Fortified Health. If you use Fortify often, here’s everything you need to know to get the Aspect of Retaliation in Diablo 4.

Where to find Aspect of Retaliation in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 players can get the Aspect of Retaliation by completing the dungeon called Seaside Descent. This side dungeon is located in the Dry Steppes region, on the west edge of the map on Kotama Grasslands.

Don’t try to attempt this dungeon if you’re under the minimum required level for this region.

Seaside Descent dungeon location in Diablo 4

Seaside Descent is located North of the Dry Steppes Fields of Hatred.

How to complete Seaside Descent dungeon in Diablo 4

Beating the Seaside Descent dungeon in Diablo 4 is a pretty straightforward process. The first area of the dungeon is called Secluded Grotto and the main objective there is to slay all enemies. You might step into the next area before destroying all enemies, so make sure you explore every corner before you keep going.

The next area is called Murky Depths and its main objective is to defeat two Avaricious Captains. One of them is easy to deal with as long as you evade its ranged attacks. The other one, however, is protected by a circle that stops any ranged attacks that come from outside of it. You’ll need to get close to deal damage, but we recommend staying on the edges of the circle in case you need to back up and regroup.

Lastly, the third area of the Seaside Descent dungeon is called the Lost Hoard. There, you’ll need to destroy three Corpse Piles. Hordes of enemies will try to stop you from destroying these Corpse Piles, so be ready to face some elite ones. The piles also explode from time to time and can deal a lot of damage, so be ready to evade when the time comes.

You might need to explore the area thoroughly to find the three Corpse Piles. Once you destroy them, the Seaside Descent dungeon will be marked as completed.

And there you have it! Completing the Seaside Descent dungeon will grant you the Aspect of Retaliation. For more Diablo 4 content, make sure to check some of our other guides:

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