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Choosing the right Passive skill could be a game-changer when playing Diablo 4. If you’re playing a Rogue character, you can check this rundown to select the best passive skills according to your build.

It’s easy to get it wrong when building a Rogue character in Diablo 4. Even though it’s an extremely versatile class, the demons that have conquered the map of Sanctuary will require Wanderers to endure hordes of enemies that deal high damage with a few attacks.

Passive skills are the key to getting through the main campaign without having to dedicate hours to level up characters or searching for the best piece of armor there is to find.

This is especially true for the Rogue class, which can be flimsy at the start of the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Rogue passive skills in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Rogue Core passive skills

Diablo 4 Rogue characters

Diablo 4’s Rogue class is one of the most difficult characters to play.

  • Sturdy: This skill reduces all incoming damage from enemies within melee range. It’s a solid Skill Point investment to start any Rogue build.
  • Siphoning Strikes: Heals you for a percentage of your maximum life when you critically strike close-range enemies.
  • Stutter Step: Ideal for ranged players, it increases the character’s movement speed every time they critically strike an enemy.

Diablo 4: Rogue Agility passive skills

Diablo 4 Rogue class character

Some passive skills can be ranked up to Rank 3.

  • Weapon Mastery: Grants different bonuses on any kind of weapon equipped.
  • Rapid Gambits: Your Evade cooldown is reduced when an enemy is dazed. It’s perfect for melee players who rely on stunning and dazing skills.
  • Concussive: Grants increased critical strike damage against knocked-back or knocked-down enemies. Concussive is an ideal ability to start stacking passive skills that exploit the effects of a critical strike.
  • Reactive Defense: Reduces damage when being inflicted with Control Impairing Effects, which becomes useful later in the main campaign.
  • Rugged: Reduces damage of Damage Over Time effects, which becomes handy to endure long fights.
  • Trick Attacks: Rogues equipped with this passive skill can knock down dazed enemies when they deal a critical strike. You’ll have to spend a point in Concussive or Rapid Gambits to unlock this passive skill.

Diablo 4: Rogue Subterfuge passive skills

Rogue character during Diablo 4 cutscene

Rogues that depend on stealth should boost their entrapment skills.

  • Malice: It increases the damage that Rogues can deal to vulnerable enemies.
  • Mending Obscurity: Gives Rogues the ability to heal themselves while being in stealth.
  • Exploit: Increases damage dealt to enemies, and it’s extremely efficient for finishing off injured opponents.
  • Agile: It activates when using any skill with a cooldown period and increases Dodge chance for a few seconds.

Diablo 4 Rogue Imbuement passive skills

Rogue class in Diablo 4

Players should define their Imbuement passive skills according to their play style.

  • Precision Imbuement: Any Imbued skill gains 5% of critical strike chance.
  • Alchemical Advantage: Gain 1% increased Attack Speed for each enemy the character has poisoned, which restricts the use of this passive to those who chose the Poison Imbuement skill or Poison Trap abilities.
  • Deadly Venom: Increases Poisoning damage.
  • Debilitating Toxins: Reduces the damage that Poisoned enemies can deal. It unlocks after spending at least a point in Debilitating Toxins passive skill.
  • Frigid Finesse: Allows the character to deal increased damage to Chilled enemies. This Passive skill is restricted to Rogues that chose Frost Imbuement as a passive skill.
  • Chilling Weight: It stacks with any chilling skills and further reduces the movement speed of affected enemies. You’ll have to spend a point in Frigid Finesse to unlock this passive skill.
  • Shadow Crash: Increases the Rogue’s chance to stun. Its bonus will become handy only to those who chose the Shadow Imbuement passive skill or Death Trap active abilities.
  • Consuming Shadows: Rogues will be able to generate energy each time an enemy is killed with Shadow Damage. It can only be unlocked after spending a point in Consuming Shadows.

Diablo 4: Rogue Ultimate passive skills

Rogue characters in Diablo 4
Blizzard Entertainment

Ultimate passive skills should be ranked depending on each player’s build.

  • Adrenaline Rush: Allows characters to increase their energy regeneration while moving.
  • Impetus: Increases attack damage after moving 15 meters. It can only be unlocked after spending at least a point in Adrenaline Rush.
  • Haste: If the character possesses 50% or more of their energy, this passive skill will grant increased movement speed. Otherwise, characters will only gain increased Attack Speed. Haste can only be unlocked after spending one point in Adrenaline Rush passive skill.
  • Trap Mastery: Increases critical strike chance when a Poison or Death trap is activated. It’s a good addition for rogues that have specialized in crowd control.
  • Aftermath: It restores up to 75 energy points (if upgraded to Rank 3) whenever an Ultimate Skill is used.
  • Innervation: Grants energy when performing a lucky hit.
  • Second Wind: Increases your Lucky Hit chance for every 100 energy points spent. It can be unlocked after spending a skill point in the Innervation passive skill.
  • Alchemist’s Fortune: Increases Lucky Hit chance when attacking with non-physical damage. It can only be unlocked after spending a point in Innervation passive skill.

Diablo 4: Rogue Key passive skills

Rogue class in Diablo 4
  • Momentum: Rogues can earn stacks of Momentum when using Cutthroat skills on stunned, dazed, or frozen enemies. With three stacks of Momentum, the character is rewarded with damage reduction, increased energy regeneration, and movement speed.
  • Precision: The player will earn stacks of Precision when critically striking an enemy with a Marksman skill. When earning five Precision stacks, the next Marksman skill will critically strike with increased damage.
  • Close Quarters Combat: The character will have a bonus in attack speed when damaging a close enemy with a Marksman or a Cutthroat skill. If both happen at the same time, Close Quarters Combat will grant a bonus in damage against crowd-controlled enemies.
  • Victimize: Grants the chance of an explosion that affects the target and surrounding enemies.
  • Exposure: Can reduce active cooldowns on Trap skills or drop a stun grenade that deals damage and stuns enemies. This can only happen when dealing direct damage to a trapped enemy.

Diablo 4: Rogue best passive skills

Spending points on passive skills can be confusing in Diablo 4, especially if you’re looking for the ones that will still be useful in the endgame. These are the abilities that are crucial for any type of Rogue build, and we recommend ranking them up whenever you earn Skill Points:

  • Sturdy (Core passive skill)
  • Siphoning Strikes (Core passive skill)
  • Weapon Mastery (Agility passive skill)
  • Rapid Gambits (Agility passive skill)
  • Malice (Subterfuge passive skill)
  • Aftermath (Ultimate passive skill)

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