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The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team season is set to begin very soon, which means that the first wave of promos and special cards is about to arrive. Here’s a complete EA Sports FC 24 promo calendar of all the events we expect to see and when they could arrive.

The release of EA FC 24 is set to mark a new chapter for Ultimate Team, as the reboot is delivering a host of new features. Evolutions will allow fans to upgrade their favorite cards over the year, while the arrival of Women’s players opens the door for more diverse squads than ever before.

But despite the rebrand, many of the features that football fans have grown to love over the years will return in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, including the regular promo events. These themed campaigns bring unique special cards that can take a squad to the next level.

With this in mind, we’ve put together an EA FC 24 promo calendar featuring every event that could arrive and its possible start date.

What is the first EA FC 24 promo?

Messi at Inter Miami in EA Sports FC eith ones to watch
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EA FC 24 is set to bring back a number of popular promos.

Based on the information released so far, it seems that a Nike collaboration will be the first promo of the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team season. Although the event is yet to be given an official name, it is mentioned in the EA Sports FC 24 pre-order bonuses.

However, this Nike promo will only be available to those who purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game, which means it will likely take place during the seven-day early access period beginning on September 22.

Little else is known about the EA FC 24 Nike campaign so far, but we’ll be sure to update this section as soon as we know more.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team promo calendar

The devs usually like to remain fairly tight-lipped about the EA FC 24 promo schedule. Most events will only be confirmed as the previous ones draw to a close, leaving players little time to prepare for what’s to come.

That being said, there are always certain Ultimate Team staples that return at a similar time every year to give some structure to the season. There are also set to be some never-before-seen promos making their debut in EA FC 24, so we can expect some surprises along the way.

Here’s a calendar of every EA FC 24 Ultimate promo that could arrive this year, including a proposed start date:

Promo / Card Name FIFA 23 start date Expected EA FC 24 start date Confirmed
Team of the Week Weekly Weekly Yes
Nike N/A September 22, 2023 Yes
Ones to Watch September 30, 2022 September 29, 2023 No
Road to the Knockouts October 7, 2022 October 6, 2023 No
Rulebreakers October 14, 2022 October 13, 2023 No
Winter Wildcards December 23, 2022 December 22, 2023 No
Team of the Year January 20, 2023 January 19, 2024 No
Future Stars February 3, 2023 February 2, 2024 No
Road to the Final February 17, 2023 February 16, 2024 No
Fantasy FUT March 3, 2023 March 1, 2024 No
FUT Birthday March 24, 2023 March 22, 2024 No
Team of the Season April 28, 2023 April 26, 2024 No
Shapeshifters June 16, 2023 June 14, 2024 No
FUTTIES July 21, 2023 July 19, 2024 No

Those were all of the promos we’re expecting to see in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated with all the latest events as and when they’re announced.

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