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Blade is the latest Wind Destruction addition to Honkai Star Rail, and this unit has been keenly awaited by fans. Here, we’ll be breaking down all of the requisite Ascension and Trace materials to use for this character in Honkai Star Rail.

After hopping into Honkai Star Rail, you’ll be able to collect a ton of powerful characters that can join your team, and leveling them up will grant you formidable units. You can level up these characters through Ascension and Trace materials that you collect in the game.

Gathering these materials is a lengthy process, and we’ll go over all of the Ascension as well as Trace materials that you can use to maximize Blade’s potential in Honkai Star Rail.

Blade Ascension materials in Honkai Star Rail

The ascension materials for Blade have not been officially released yet. However, through the Beta, sources have leaked that Blade will need Immortal Scionette, Immortal Aeroblossom, Immortal Lumintwig, Ascendant Debris, and Credit.

The Immortal Scionette and all related upgrades can be sourced from the Simulated Universe. Meanwhile, Ascendant Debris, a fresh material will arrive as an enemy drop following the launch of version 1.2 of Honkai Star Rail.

Blade in Honkai Star Rail cutscene

Blade belongs to the Path of Destruction in Honkai Star Rail.

Here are all the Ascension Materials for Blade in Honkai Star Rail:

Blade Ascension Level Ascension Materials Credits Ascension Rewards
Level 20 Immortal Scionette x5 4000 1x Star Rail Pass
Level 30 Immortal Scionette x15 8000
Level 40 Immortal Aeroblossom x6, Ascendant Debris x3 16000 1x Star Rail Pass
Level 50 Immortal Aeroblossom x 12, Ascendant Debris x 8 40000
Level 60 Immortal Lumintwig x 5, Ascendant Debris x 20 80000 1x Star Rail Pass
Level 70 Immortal Lumintwig x 8, Ascendant Debris x 35 160000

Here is the total number of materials to ascend Blade in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Immortal Scionette x20
  • Immortal Aeroblossom x18
  • Immortal Lumintwig x13
  • Ascendant Debris x65

Blade Trace level-up materials in Honkai Star Rail

The materials to level up Blade’s Trace in Honkai Star Rail are:

  • Shattered Blade x18
  • Immortal Scionette x41
  • Lifeless Blade x69
  • Immortal Aeroblossom x56
  • Worldbreaker Blade x139
  • Immortal Lumintwig x58
  • New Material x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x8

That covers how you can improve Blade in Honkai Star Rail by leveling up his traces. For more on HoYoverse’s latest RPG, you can check out:

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