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With the introduction of generation 9’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, over 100 new Pokemon have been added to the national Pokedex. Here’s an overview of the total number of Pokemon, types, and generations in the franchise so far.

The first generation of Pokemon arrived when Pokemon Blue & Red were released in 1996 in Japan and 1998 in North America. Since then, The Pokemon Company have developed plenty of Pokemon games spanning nine generations over 25 years – including the newest games in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

With each game, trainers familiarize themselves with a new batch of memorable Pokemon. On November 18, 2022, Scarlet and Violet delivered the ninth generation of Pokemon that trainers are able to catch, train, and partner in battle.

Here’s a full recap of how many Pokemon there are in the entire franchise currently.

How many Pokemon are there in total?

Lineup of Pokemon
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon come in various shapes and sizes, and all of them are unique.

As of July 21, 2023, there are currently 1,010 Pokemon that have appeared in the Pokemon video game franchise.

When Scarlet and Violet launched on November 18, the new games added 105 new Pokemon to the historic franchise. Adding this figure to the whopping 905 we had before that, that’s why we’ve now passed the four-digit mark when it comes to Pokemon.

Thanks to new fan favorites such as Lechonk and Annihilape, the National Pokedex has crossed into the ninth generation of Pokemon.

While the total number of Pokemon has now risen above 1,000, new Pokemon games do not include the entire Pokedex. Instead, a limited amount of Pokemon will appear in Scarlet and Violet’s Regional Pokedex – 400 to be exact.

Speaking of Pokemon regions, the total number of 1,010 Pokemon does not include regional variants such as Galarian Weezing or Paldean Wooper, since they don’t have their own Pokedex number

All Pokemon types

There are currently 18 different Pokemon types with many Pokemon falling under the dual-type category by claiming two of these types at once.

Here is the complete list of Pokemon types:

  • Bug
  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Electric
  • Fairy
  • Fighting
  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Ghost
  • Grass
  • Ground,
  • Ice
  • Normal
  • Poison
  • Psychic
  • Rock
  • Steel
  • Water

Originally there were 15 Pokemon types in Generation 1, with three types added in ensuing generations. The Steel and Dark types were added early on with the release of Generation 2’s Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

In Generation 6, the devs decided to add a new type to further balance the collection of Pokemon types. The Fairy type made its debut in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

There haven’t been any additional types added since then, and Scarlet and Violet does not deliver a new one.

Pokemon Types
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Knowing the Pokemon types, their strengths, and their weaknesses is what you need to become a Pokemon Master.

Every Pokemon generation

From Pokemon Red and Blue to Pokemon Sword and Shield to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are currently nine generations of Pokemon in existence.

Each generation puts a pair of Pokemon games in the spotlight. In addition to the two main titles, other iterations like remakes, spin-offs, and third entries like Pokemon Emerald and Platinum are also considered a part of the generation they’re released in.

Despite the wide variety of Pokemon titles per generation, there are always two core games that launch a new generation.

  • Generation 1: Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue
  • Generation 2: Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver
  • Generation 3: Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
  • Generation 4: Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl
  • Generation 5: Pokemon Black and Pokemon White
  • Generation 6: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y
  • Generation 7: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon
  • Generation 8: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield
  • Generation 9: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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