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Overwatch 2 has a huge amount of characters in the roster, but how old are these Heroes, and what is their history?

There’s a huge roster of Heroes to choose from in Overwatch 2, whether you like to play support, damage, or tank.

While a character’s abilities and playstyle may draw you to them, sometimes it’s their strong personalities that can sway you to play a Hero. Blizzard have given each and every character in Overwatch 2 a lot of depth when it comes to their history and personality.

With that said, you may be wondering how old each of them is, and what their history is, so here’s our guide.

All Overwatch 2 character ages & backgrounds

Here’s a full breakdown of every character’s age in Overwatch 2, as well as a short summary of their history:

Hero Name Age Background
Ana 60 Sniper, one of the oldest members of Overwatch 2
Ashe 39 Leader of the Deadlock Gang, experienced marksman
Baptiste 36 Former Talon member, now a trusty support hero
Bastion 30 Combat-driven attack unit, prefers tranquility and nature
Brigitte 23 Daughter of Torbjorn, follows in the legacy of Reinhardt
Cassidy 37 Former member of Deadlock Gang and Blackwatch
D.Va 20 Youngest member, expert gamer, wreaks havoc in her mech
Doomfist 45 Nigerian-born, lost his right arm in the Omnic Crisis
Echo Created by Dr. Mina Liao, eventually found by Cassidy
Genji 35 Cyborg, adept with shurikens and blade
Hanzo 38 Leader of Shimada clan, scarred by his past with Genji
Junker Queen 30-40 Leader of Junkertown, powerful tank character
Junkrat 25 Former resident of Junkertown, causes chaos and seeks anarchy
Kiriko 20-25 Japanese ninja, trained alongside Genji and Hanzo
Lifeweaver 29 New healer hero, proficient in the art of healing
Lucio 26 Brazilian DJ and activist, famous for his healing abilities
Mei 40 Cryogenically frozen scientist, possesses the body of a 31-year-old
Mercy 37 Swiss scientist, expert healer, one of Overwatch’s strongest members
Moira 48 Controversial scientist, formerly worked for Blackwatch
Orisa <1 Youngest character, a true hero who protects Numbani
Pharah 32 Daughter of Ana, former Egyptian Army member and Overwatch agent
Ramattra 20-30 Involved in the war with Overwatch, linked to Null Sector
Reaper 58 Former Overwatch representative turned deadly Talon assassin
Reinhardt 61 German tank hero, one of the Overwatch founders
Roadhog 48 Enforcer and criminal, partner of Junkrat
Sigma 62 Gravity-controlling scientist, manipulated by Talon
Sojourn 50-55 Damage hero, augmented soldier with a nomad lifestyle
Soldier: 76 55 Vigilante hunting down those who brought Overwatch down
Sombra 30 Hacking extraordinaire, with allegiance to herself
Symmetra 28 Indian architect, skilled with hard-light manipulation
Torbjorn 57 Swedish engineer, founding member of Overwatch
Tracer 26 London-born hero with time-traveling abilities
Widowmaker 33 French sniper, deadly and emotionless killer
Winston 29 Scientifically created gorilla, intelligent and protective
Wrecking Ball 14 Formerly an everyday rodent turned battle robot
Zarya 28 Russian tank hero, endured the Omnic Crisis
Zenyatta 20 Omnic monk, seeks to protect and intervene
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Blizzard Entertainment

There are many characters in Overwatch 2, all of different ages and backgrounds.

Who’s the oldest Overwatch 2 character?

The oldest Hero in Overwatch 2 is Sigma, with an age of 62, just edging it over Reinhardt.

Who’s the youngest Overwatch 2 character?

As for the youngest Hero in Overwatch 2, Orisa is around one year old. Her creator, Efi, made her around a year before the events of Overwatch 2.

Well, there you have it, that’s every Overwatch 2 Hero’s age and history. For more detailed Overwatch 2 guides, check out some of our other pieces below:

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