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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can challenge the Elite Four after beating all eight Gyms. We’ve got information on the whole team, their Pokemon, and how to finally become Champion of Paldea, alongside all the Champion Assessment test answers.

After a temporary hiatus in Legends Arceus, the Elite Four make a welcome return in the latest fully-fledged entry in Game Freak’s long-running monster-catching franchise – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Between gathering HMs and finding out how to check all-important IV stats, trainers need to engage all of their senses and skills to succeed in Scarlet & Violet Pokemon battles.

Trainers need to assemble a strong group of Pokemon capable of toppling the game’s most fearsome foursome. As with every title, the Elite Four represent Pokemon‘s toughest task, and they must be defeated if you want to be considered a Champion of Paldea.

How to become Champion of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The journey to the top in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a familiar tale as you need to complete multiple steps, from collecting gym badges to eventually besting the Elite Four.

This is how you’ll become a Champion of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  1. Choose a Starter Pokemon and explore the lands of Paldea leveling up your Pokemon and finding new, stronger ones to enhance your party.
  2. Acquire all eight Gym Badges from Gym Leaders – check out our full guide on the recommended order to beat them.
  3. Consider adding a Legendary Pokemon or two to your lineup along the way.
  4. When you’re ready, go to the Pokemon League.
  5. You’ll then have to complete a Pokemon Quiz, also known as the Champion Assessment test when you arrive there to be eligible for the Elite Four test.
  6. Once you’re successful, beat all five Pokemon Trainers and you’ll be crowned a Champion of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!
Rika sitting behind a desk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

You have to pass the Champion Assessment test before being able to challenge the Elite Four.

All Champion Assessment test answers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The Pokemon League in Scarlet and Violet is located just outside of Mesagoza, where Rika is waiting for you to take a quick test. Make sure you pay one last visit to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and get useful items before you face the Champion Assessment. You’ll need to answer them all correctly to challenge the Elite Four, so here’s every correct answer:

  • How did you get here today? I walked.
  • Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in. Naranja Academy for Scarlet players, or Uva Academy for Violet players.
  • So, what brings you to the Pokémon League today? I came to become a Champion.
  • Now, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion? You can pick any answer here, but you have to remember it since Rika will ask you this question again later.
  • Which of the eight Gyms gave you the most difficulty? You can pick any Gym here, but the next questions will ask you about it, so make sure you know who the leader is and their specialty.
  • And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there? You can check our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym guides linked above.
  • Do you remember which type of Pokémon the Gym Leader used? You can check our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym guides linked above.
  • What was the category of the Pokémon you chose to be your first partner? The answer depends on the starter Pokemon you chose at the beginning of your adventure.
  • Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion? Pick the same answer you did before in the fourth question.
  • Do you like Pokémon? Yes.

If you had any trouble with the answers and didn’t pass the Champion Assessment, you can go back inside and try again until you get it right. Once you answer all of Rika’s questions correctly, you’re ready to battle the Elite Four.

pokemon scarlet violet league building
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon League can be found just outside of Mesagoza.

How to beat Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As usual in a Pokemon game, beating the Elite Four doesn’t actually mean just defeating four opponents, there is a secret fifth fight for you to endure. Each battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will test the overall capabilities of your party as well as its all-around effectiveness.

First Elite Four battle – Rika

Elite Four Rika in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

After testing your knowledge of Pokemon, Rika is your first opponent.

Your first battle will be against Rika, a specialist in the art of Ground-type Pokemon, so you’ll want to bring a couple of Pokemon that can counteract this with Grass, Ice, and Water-type moves for utmost effect.

Rika’s squad will consist of the following Pokemon and their respective level:

  • Whiscash: Level 57 Ground/Water-type Pokemon.
  • Camerupt: Level 57 Fire/Water-type Pokemon.
  • Donphan: Level 57 Ground-type Pokemon.
  • Dugtrio: Level 57 Ground-type Pokemon.
  • Clodsire: Level 58 Poison/Ground-type (Ground Tera Type) Pokemon.

While Grass-type Pokemon are a safe bet, be careful with Clodsire’s Poison-type attacks and Camerupt Fire-type attacks. If you chose Quaxley as your starter, Quaquavel is a great choice for this battle.

Second Elite Four fight – Poppy

Elite Four Poppy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Poppy is a Steel type specialist.

Up next is Poppy, and Poppy will predominantly use Steel types with all five of her Pokemon featuring the type. Fire will work well against them, and so will Fighting and Groundtype moves.

When facing Poppy, you will battle the following Pokemon:

  • Copperajah: Level 58 Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Magnezone: Level 58 Electric/Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Bronzong: Level 58 Psychic/Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Corviknight: Level 58 Flying/Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Tinkaton: Level 59 Steel-type (Steel Tera Type) Pokemon.

For those of you who picked Fuecoco as your starter, Skeledirge is the perfect Pokemon for this encounter. Be mindful that even though Fighting and Ground-type moves come in handy, they won’t do much against Corviknight and Bronzong, so you should stick to Fire-types if you have the chance.

Third Elite Four fight – Larry

Elite Four Larry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Larry leaves his Normal-type Pokemon for Gym battles and focuses on Flying types here.

A familiar face returns for your third battle in the Elite Four road as Medali Gym Leader Larry comes back with a vengeance and a bunch of Flying-type Pokemon seeking to best you this time around.

Larry will be in possession of this party of Pokemon:

  • Tropius: Level 59 Flying/Grass-type Pokemon.
  • Oricorio: Level 59 Electric/Flying-type Pokemon.
  • Altaria: Level 59 Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon.
  • Staraptor: Level 59 Flying/Normal-type Pokemon.
  • Flamigo: Level 60 Flying/Fighting-type (Flying Tera Type) Pokemon.

Rock and Ice-type moves are the most effective ones in this battle, although you might need a different approach when facing Flamigo. Electric types like Bellibolt can come in handy in that situation.

Fourth Elite Four fight – Hassel

Elite Four Hassel in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Players can learn more about Hassel by bonding with him in the Academy.

Your ‘final’ foe from the Elite Four is Hassel, another returning face. He boasts a formidable array of Dragon-type Pokemon, so you will need to make sure you have one or two Pokemon capable of delivering Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type moves.

Here’s Hassel’s tough team to beat:

  • Noivern: Level 60 Flying/Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Haxorus: Level 60 Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Dragalge: Level 60 Dragon/Poison-type Pokemon.
  • Flapple: Level 60 Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Baxcalibur: Level 61 Dragon/Ice-type (Dragon Tera Type) Pokemon.

While Dragon-type attacks are the first thing that comes to mind when battling Dragon-type Pokemon, Ice and Fairy-type attacks are a safer bet here.

How to defeat Pokemon Champion Geeta in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

greeta in pokemon scarlet and violet
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

You’ll have to face Pokemon Champion Geeta after defeating the Elite Four.

You already expected it, but if Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is your first time playing through one of Game Freak’s games, then you might have been taken off-guard!

Once you’ve conquered the Elite Four, you’ll face the ultimate test – Geeta, the Pokemon Champion.

Whereas previous trainers largely centered around a specific theme when it comes to Pokemon type, Geeta demands flexibility in that regard. If you can answer the call, you’ll be crowned a Paldea Pokemon Champion.

Bringing Pokemon who have powerful moves in most of the following types is a great idea:

  • Bug
  • Dark
  • Electric
  • Fighting
  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Ghost
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Poison
  • Rock
  • Steel
  • Water

With this knowledge in hand, here’s every single one of Geeta’s six Pokemon and their types:

  • Espathra: Level 61 Psychic-type Pokemon.
  • Gogoat: Level 61 Grass-type Pokemon.
  • Veluza: Level 61 Psychic/Water-type Pokemon.
  • Avalugg: Level 61 Ice-type Pokemon.
  • Kingambit: Level 61 Dark/Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Glimmora: Level 62 Rock/Poison-type (Rock Tera Type) Pokemon.

Now that you’ve, hopefully, achieved your dream of becoming a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Champion, we have plenty of other guides for you to check out for the game:

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