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Diablo 4 has a massive open world in which you’ll find multiple side quests that hand out Renown, XP, gear, and several amazing rewards upon completion. One such quest is the Traveler’s Superstition, and here’s how you can complete it by solving a simple yet confusing riddle.

It’s not an overstatement to say that Diablo 4 merely begins once you finish its campaign. The leveling-up system changes drastically after level 50, and you get access to Legendary, Unique, and ultra-rare items like The Grandfather.

Players can also explore the open world and gain Renown by finding Altars of Lilith, capturing Strongholds, and completing side quests. There are hundreds of quests in Diablo 4 but only a handful of them will leave you as confused as Traveler’s Superstition.

Here’s how you can complete the Traveler’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4 and the answer to the statue riddle.

How to unlock the Traveler’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4

You can get the Traveler’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4 by visiting the Rotspill Delta in the Hawezar region. Near the abandoned ship that you visit during the campaign, there’s an interactive Hastily Scrawled Note and the exact location is marked in the image below:

Traveler's Superstition quest location on Diablo 4 map

You can check Renown’s progress after opening the Diablo 4 map.

The note mysteriously says: “Pay your respects to her, and she will see you safely on your way. Ignore her, and suffer the fate of these poor fools.”

The Traveler’s Superstition quest begins as soon as you interact with the note.

The Traveler’s Superstition quest Diablo 4 riddle answer

Follow these steps to solve The Traveler’s Superstition quest’s riddle in Diablo 4:

  1. Read the Hastily Scrawled Note after which the game will direct you towards the nearby statue surrounded by corpses.
  2. Press E on a keyboard or D-pad on a controller to open the emote wheel.
  3. Select the ‘Hello‘ emote.
  4. You’ll get a chest and some other rewards signifying that the quest is completed.

Saying ‘Hello’ is not the same as paying respects but doing so will let you complete the Traveler’s Superstition quest in the game. For more quest guides, you can check out our walkthroughs for Keeping the Old Traditions, Secret of the Spring, The Pilgrim’s Footsteps, and Blood and Sweat.

Well, this was everything to know about completing the Traveler’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4. For more content on the action RPG, you can check out:

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