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Diablo 4 has time and again faced server outages leading to players getting messages such as “queued for game, start game pending” when trying to log in. Read to know if you can fix the Diablo 4 “queued for game, start game pending” message.

Blizzard has launched Diablo 4 as a live service game meaning that you always need an active internet connection to run it. Despite having a long campaign, the game doesn’t have an offline mode which is a bummer for many.

Frequent server outages add to the misery of players as they have to encounter login errors such as code 315306 and messages like “queued for game, start game pending”. There are many amazing single-player elements in Diablo 4 and errors like these stop players from accessing them.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 “queued for game” error.

Can you fix Diablo 4 “queued for game, start game pending” message?

The queue for @Diablo 4 is insanely long.
Totally clear that the pre-order "stress test" was total garbage designed to generate preorders

— Ian Huff (@Real_Ian_Huff) June 6, 2023

The only way to fix the Diablo 4 “queued for game, start game pending” message is to wait for the queue to whittle down, as closing the application will reset the timer and your place in the queue will be lost.

Unformatley, there is no way to get around the issue or speed up the process, so while it may be frustrating, the best option is to wait for the queue to go down.

On June 25, 2023, Diablo 4’s Global Community Development Director, Adam Fletcher, reassured fans on Twitter that they were aware of the problems, and that the team is working on a fix.

FYI – Yes team is aware of login issues with D4. Breaking news is up on the D4 tab in Bnet and in-game on consoles.

— Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) June 25, 2023

The error occurs when the Diablo 4 servers are under stress, as millions of users try to access the game at once. To counter this, players are placed into a queue to ease the pressure on the servers by letting players log in gradually.

Issues like this are fairly common in online games, especially in the first few days after launch. However, Diablo 4 has been out for a few weeks now and players expect things to get much smoother now.

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