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Druddigon is a hot topic among Pokemon Go players as everyone wants to add this Dragon Pokemon to their team and use it in PvP & PvE. Players are curious about how good it is in battles and its shiny availability in Pokemon Go, so here’s everything you need to know.

The competitive scene in Pokemon Go has become more active of late with more players testing their skills in Pokemon battles. So, players are on the lookout for the best Pokemon to use in Gyms, Raid Battles, and in the Go Battle League. One of the species that has caught the attention of players is Druddigon.

Being a Dragon-type species makes Druddigon rare, so players are eager to know how good this prized Pokemon is in PvP & PvE, and if shiny Druddigon is available in the game.

Here are all the details about Druddigon in Pokemon Go.

How to get Druddigon in Pokemon Go

You can obtain Druddigon in Pokemon Go when it is featured in 3-Star Raid Battles.

While Druddigon is not present in July Raids, it is one of the most commonly featured Raid Bosses in Pokemon Go, so we expect it to be back in Raid Battles soon.

druddigon pokemon go promo image with game background

Druddigon’s design is inspired by a Welsh dragon and a gargoyle.

Is shiny Druddigon available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, shiny Druddigon is available in Pokemon Go.

Lucky players can obtain a shiny Druddigon after defeating it in a Raid Battle. But players will be glad to know that Raid Bosses have a higher shiny rate than wild spawns. The odds of encountering a shiny Druddigon are 1 in 60 or 1.67% chance.

Is Druddigon good in Pokemon Go PvP?

Yes, Druddigon is good in Pokemon Go PvP, particularly the Ultra League.

Players can build an XL Druddigon for the Ultra League format and take advantage of its balanced stats. Without a double weakness, it can also work as a replacement for Dragonite and deal good damage because of its Attack stat of 213. But players need to switch out Druddigon against Fairy-type Pokemon because it can’t do much against them in battle.

Best Druddigon Pokemon Go PvP moveset

The best Druddigon Pokemon Go PvP moveset is Dragon Tail as a Fast Move paired with Dragon Claw and Night Slash as Charged Moves.

Dragon Tail is one of the most powerful Fast Moves in PvP and it goes very well with Druddigon’s battle style. Paired with Dragon Claw, it can dish out a lot of STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) damage and also spam shields. Night Slash has the same energy requirement as Dragon Claw, and it offers a 12.5% chance to boost Druddigon’s Attack stat by 2 stages, or 1.50x.

If Druddigon can get even one Attack boost from Night Slash, it can rely on Dragon Tail alone to win the battle. So, we recommend using Night Slash when the opponent has shields.

Is Druddigon good in Pokemon Go PvE?

Yes, Druddigon is good in Pokemon Go PvE but there are far better options available for trainers to use.

Druddigon can put in some good work in PvE battles but other Dragon Pokemon have higher Attack stats, making them more reliable to use. But if you are taking part in a Raid Battle that has multiple players in the lobby, you can use Druddigon to spam STAB Dragon-type moves in the battle.

Best Druddigon Pokemon Go PvE moveset

The best Druddigon Pokemon Go PvE moveset is Dragon Tail as a Fast Move and Dragon Claw as a Charged Move.

Dragon Claw is a three-bar Charged Move in PvE, letting Druddigon use it more frequently. We recommend using Druddigon as the first Pokemon in situations where you have to re-enter the lobby. Druddigon would be able to chip in some quick damage with its moveset.

All Druddigon Pokemon Go moves

druddigon pokemon go image from the anime
The Pokemon Company

Druddigon comes out of dark caves to bask in the sunlight.

Here’s the complete Druddigon Pokemon Go moveset:

Fast Moves

  • Dragon Tail
  • Bite

Charged Moves

  • Dragon Claw
  • Night Slash
  • Hyper Beam

That’s all you need to know about Druddigon in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon Go content, be sure to check out our guides:

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