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Alolan starter Litten is a very sought-after Pokemon thanks to its second evolution Incineroar. So, if you want to add Litten to your Pokedex in Pokemon Go, here’s everything you need to know, including how to evolve it and shiny availability.

Starters are always very sought-after Pokemon in any game of the franchise and can evolve into some of the most powerful Pokemon as well. Alolan starter Litten is one of them, and evolving it into Incineroar can help you tackle all sorts of PvP and PvE battles.

So, if you’re looking to get Litten, Torracat, or Incineroar in Pokemon Go, here’s how to catch and evolve them, alongside their shiny availability.

How to obtain Litten in Pokemon Go

Currently, the only way to get Litten in Pokemon Go is by encountering it in the wild. Sometimes, Pokemon like Litten get featured in Community Day events or Spotlight Hours, but this is the only way to catch it at the moment.

Luckily, the Dark Flames event boosted the chances of encountering Litten in the wild until July 2, 2023. Additionally, completing the Dark Flames Timed Research will reward you with 50 Litten Candy. You have to catch Litten and evolve it into Incineroar to complete the Dark Flames Collection Challenge, so you’ll need all the Candy you can get. The good news is that you’ll get them no matter which path you choose.

Pokemon Go Dark Flames event promo

Pokemon Go’s Dark Flames event focuses on Dark and Fire type Pokemon.

How to evolve Litten into Torracat in Pokemon Go

To evolve Litten into Torracat, Pokemon Go players need to spend 25 Litten Candy. If you have 25 or more Candy, the ‘Evolve’ button will appear green so you can tap it.

How to evolve Torracat into Incineroar in Pokemon Go

To evolve Torracat intro Incineroar, Pokemon Go players need to spend 100 Litten Candy. You won’t be able to press the ‘Evolve’ button until you have enough Candy, so we recommend using Pinap or Silver Pinap Berries when catching Litten. Transfering Litten with low stats will also give you one Candy, so keep that in mind.

To summarize, this means you’ll need a total of 125 Litten Candy to evolve Litten into Incineroar.

Alolan starters Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio in Pokemon Go
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Alolan starters debuted in Pokemon Go in 2022.

Can Litten, Torracat & Incineroar be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Sadly, shiny Litten is not available in Pokemon Go yet. This means you won’t be able to get shiny Torracat or shiny Incineroar either.

Litten debuted in Pokemon Go in 2022 alongside Alolan Starters Rowlet and Popplio, so players expect to see their shiny variants sooner rather than later. They might debut during a big Pokemon Go event like Go Fest 2023, but there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. We’ll update this article when shiny Litten is available in Pokemon Go.

And there you have it! Good luck catching Litten and evolving it. For more Pokemon content, we’ve got you covered with more tips and guides:

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