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The highly requested Pokemon Turtonator finally made its debut in Pokemon Go and players can catch it through different methods. Here’s how to get Turtonator in Pokemon Go alongside its shiny availability.

Pokemon Go is adding a lot of new creatures during its Hidden Gems season, and Turtonator is the latest debut in the popular AR game. The Dark Flames event brought the Blast Turtle Pokemon, and players can try their luck catching it via different methods.

If you’re looking to add Turtonator to your Pokedex, here’s everything you need to know, including its shiny availability.

How to obtain Turtonator in Pokemon Go

Currently, there are two ways to get Turtonator in Pokemon Go. Players can catch it after defeating it in 3-Star Raids or by completing specific Field Research tasks.

Turtonator is a dual Fire and Dragon-type Pokemon, so you shouldn’t have much trouble facing it with Ground, Rock, or Dragon-type Pokemon. While 3-Star Raids are beatable by only one trainer, you might need some backup for this.

Pokemon Go Dark Flames event promo

Pokemon Go’s Dark Flames event focuses on Dark and Fire type Pokemon.

If you want to get Turtonator through Field Research, you’ll need to get the following task:

  • Win 3 Raids.

You can get new Field Research tasks by spinning PokeStops, as long as you have space. You can have up to four ongoing Field Research tasks in your game. Keep in mind that Turtonator will be in Field Research tasks and 3-Star Raids until the Dark Flames event ends on July 2.

Niantic haven’t revealed how players will be able to get Turtonator after the event ends, but we’ll keep this article updated so you don’t miss your chance.

Can Turtonator be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Surprisingly, shiny Turtonator is available in Pokemon Go since its in-game debut. This is an extremely rare occasion, so keep an eye out so you can get your hand on a shiny Turtonator.

As with any other Pokemon, the chances of finding Turtonator’s shiny variant is very low, so you might have to tackle many Raids and Field Research tasks before catching it.

That’s all the information you need to get Turtonator in Pokemon Go. For more Pokemon content, make sure to check other guides:

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