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The highly-anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3 is nearing the date of its full release, and Xbox users are wondering about the game’s availability on the platform. Now, the devs have revealed Baldur’s Gate 3’s status on Xbox consoles.

The Baldur’s Gate franchise is well-regarded in the world of gaming with the RPG title holding a special place in many gamers’ hearts, and players are looking forward to the release of Baldur’s Gate 3 in August 2023.

This new title will be available on different platforms, but will you be able to hop into Baldur’s Gate 3 if you own an Xbox console? That is the question on many players’ minds, and the devs have given a definite answer.

Is Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox?

Currently, Baldur’s Gate 3 is not available on Xbox, as the game is only launching on PC, Mac, and PlayStation 5. While this may be disappointing to Xbox owners, there is some good news as the Xbox version is in the pipeline.

It has been acknowledged by the game developers in a community update on Reddit that the Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3 is set to arrive this year. However, this version of the game is not ready for release yet due to “technical issues – particularly with split-screen co-op.”

A note on Baldur’s Gate 3 for Xbox
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An important point to highlight is that Baldur’s Gate 3 will support cross-platform progression. Thus, once the game becomes available on Xbox, players will have the flexibility to switch platforms without worrying about losing their progress.

We’ll keep checking for any updates regarding the Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate 3 and inform you as soon as there are any further developments.

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