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The developers have revealed all the information related to the new changes and features in Madden 24. In addition to the return of the fan-favorite Superstar mode, they have implemented new changes in the Franchise mode of Madden 24.

Exciting times lie ahead for Madden fans as they eagerly await the arrival of Madden 24, which not only brings back the beloved Superstar mode but also introduces cutting-edge features like FieldSENSE and SAPIEN technology. You’ll need to prepare yourself for a thrilling and immersive journey on the virtual football field.

With the introduction of the new FieldSENSE and SAPIEN technology, players can look forward to the most immersive experience in Madden NFL 24. EA Sports released a new trailer about these features, and it’s clear that this technology aims to level up gameplay in Madden 24.

Madden 24: The newest iteration of FieldSENSE technology

EA Sports aim to leap forward with Madden 24 by implementing the new FieldSENSE technology, and that’s what devs showcase in the below trailer. The latest iteration of FieldSENSE provides an enhanced gameplay foundation, giving you greater control and delivering realism to all aspects of the game. It introduces features such as Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill-Based Passing 2.0.

Hit Everything 2.0 expands with new contested catch tackle types that provide more control and tackle variety on defense. Tackle animations are selected more dynamically, unlocking new and more fluid tackle interactions like Wrap and Scoop tackles.

With Skill-Based Passing 2.0, players can make winning one-handed catches with improved catching AI, thread the needle with surgical accuracy using new throw animations, and anticipate more authentic defensive reactions with enhanced DB behavior.

Franchise mode new features in Madden 24

If your favorite game mode in Madden is the Franchise Mode, there are also some big news for you in Madden 24, as the Training Camp makes a comeback and arrives with a significant overhaul to the Trades system, along with the addition of a new Weekly Strategy dynamic.

Training Camp makes the return to Madden 24 Franchise mode
EA Sports

Training Camp makes a glorious return to Franchise mode in Madden 24.

At the beginning of each season, players will be able to use the Training Camp to give the opportunity to improve their roster through a series of mini-games. As devs mentioned on Madden 24 blog, at launch, Training Camp will consist of the following mini-games:

  • Target Passing (Quarterbacks)
  • Pass Skeleton – Outmanned (Quarterbacks)
  • Rushing Attack (Halfbacks and Fullbacks)
  • WR Battle (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • WR Battle – Red Zone Attack (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • Trench Battle – The Long Hall (Defensive Line and Linebackers)
  • Chase and Tackle (Linebackers)
  • DB Battle (Defensive Backs)
  • DB Battle – Red Zone Defense (Defensive Backs)
  • Field Goal Accuracy (Kickers)
  • Coffin Corner (Punters)

In addition to Training Camp, each week after selecting the offensive and defensive gameplans, players will able to select ‘focus players’ for the next match, and each of their focus players will have the opportunity to play through one mini-game with the same purpose as the Training Camp.

New Trade system in Madden 24 Franchise mode
EA Sports

Devs have heard the community feedback and overhauled the Trade system in Madden 24.

Finally, devs have announced a significant overhaul to the Trade system in Madden 24. Check below the most important features of the Trade system.

  • They have expanded the trade slots from three to six.
  • Players will able to include up to six draft picks in a trade
  • Players now will be able to trade or trade for draft picks from the current year, the following year, and two years out.

The return of the Superstar mode in Madden 24

In a Madden 24 pre-release blog, EA Sports announced the return of the Superstar mode to Madden 24. On this occasion, the Superstar mode will have two variations: Superstar The League (Offline) and Superstar Showdown (Online).

Miami Dolphins' Tyreek Hill in Madden 24
EA Sports

A new version of FieldSENSE technology is set to shake up the Madden experience.

In Superstar The League, users can customize their avatar and embark on their journey in the NFL, building their legacy. Players will start from the Draft Pick and can take their player up to a 99 OVR. Superstar The League is an offline mode where you compete exclusively against AI.

On the other hand, Superstar Showdown is the perfect stage to face off against rivals and showcase your best gameplay skills with or against your friends in online 3v3 matches.

That’s all you need to know about the return of the Superstar mode and all of the new features in Madden 24. If more changes and features are announced prior to release, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

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