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2K Games has officially opened its doors and revealed all the new features, game modes, and technological innovations of the new NBA 2K24. Here are all the changes in NBA 2K24 you need to know about.

After months of speculation and uncertainty, 2K Games took the first step and announced the major innovations of the upcoming NBA 2K24. The popular basketball game, featuring Kobe Bryant as its cover athlete, is preparing for an epic release.

The anticipation surrounding NBA 2K24 is heating up, and if you haven’t heard yet about the new features and changes in the game, check out our guide below where we tell you everything you need to know.

NBA 2K24: The newest iteration of ProPLAY technology

2K Games promises to take the gaming experience in NBA 2K24 to the next level through the newest iteration of ProPLAY technology. Using actual footage from NBA games, NBA 2K24 maps unrivaled gameplay with compelling moves from real NBA matches. In this way, NBA 2K24 will translate all the movements of your favorite players with an unprecedented level of precision.

2K Games

The newest 2K game will feature the WNBA once again.

All NBA 2K24 game modes

2K Games are sticking to tradition and have revealed that NBA 2K24 will feature the same four game modes as previous editions: MyTEAM, MyCAREER, MyNBA, and Play Now. You’ll be able to fulfill your dream of playing in the NBA in MyCAREER, build your own Dream Team in MyTEAM, or become the General Manager of a franchise in MyNBA and lead it to success in the NBA.

They have also explained that each of these modes, thanks to the new technology, will have the most immersive gameplay of all.

The return of Moments Challenges in NBA 2K24

In NBA 2K24, the devs are bringing a new edition of what was the NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge, this time called Mamba Moments, where players can play as Kobe Bryant and recreate the most memorable moments of his career.

2K Games

The NBA 2K24 Moments Challenges will feature Kobe Bryant as the star.

That’s all you need to know about all the new features in NBA 2K24. If more changes and features are announced prior to release, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

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