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Routes, the new feature in Pokemon Go, just launched on July 21, but players soon found out that they aren’t able to create routes. Following a ton of complaints from the community, Niantic have responded to the issue, explaining why it’s happening.

With the Blaze New Trails event, Pokemon Go‘s devs introduced Routes to the game, but players have been having some issues with the In-App creation tools.

The new Pokemon Go feature called Routes was supposed to be a matter of celebration, created with the purpose of community bonding and collaboration. But ever since launch, players have had difficulty accessing the “Routes” creation tools inside the App.

After the Pokemon Go community complained, Niantic Support have responded to the issue.

Niantic respond as Pokemon Go players can’t create routes

Replying to a tweet on July 21, Pokemon Go developers Niantic confirmed, “While all Trainers can explore Routes, it is still being rolled out.”

While all players can explore Routes created by other players, the Route creation tools aren’t available to everyone yet but are currently being rolled out to more and more regions.

Greetings, Don! While all Trainers can explore Routes, it is still being rolled out. We hope you will be able to make a Route soon. We appreciate your patience! ^GK

— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) July 21, 2023

Other players were quick to find some other difficulties with Routes, complaining about it popping up their characters in weird spots or tracing Routes erratically. Routes are still a new feature in Pokemon Go, so expect there to be some kinks to iron out over the next few weeks.

Recently, the community complained about past events overlapping with maintenance, and Squirtle Community Day being completely unplayable due to a log-in error. With the Routes feature being required to complete the A to Zygarde Special Research, there’s been even more frustration.

We will keep you informed when new information is released about Routes. In the meantime, you can check out how to beat Pokemon Go’s Regieleki Raid.

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