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Pokemon Go players aren’t even taking part in the next Riolu Hatch Day event, calling it “timegated,” without “enough rewards,” and “not egg-citing at all.”

On July 13, Niantic announced the next new event as a Hatch Day with Riolu as the main Star. However, just a few hours since the company announced it, the fans noticed something was amiss with the event.

The Riolu Hatch Day event will be similar to any Pokemon Go Community Day. There’s a highlighted Pokemon with an increased chance of spawning and shiny spawns too. The conditions are a little different and trainers have to do a lot of walking to get their hands on that precious Shiny Riolu.

Fans protested on Reddit about the Riolu Hatch Day event being too “timegated” as it will last for only 3 hours, on Saturday, July 22, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. Unlike Community Day events, where you can simply catch Pokemon by the tons, for Riolu, you will have to depend entirely on the number of Incubators you possess.

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That is one of the reasons why fans are angry. The Riolu Hatch Day event has left the fans fuming about the rewards as well. Only a double stardust yield for hatching each egg seems to fall short, when you compare the hatch ratio and capture ratio.

Prior egg events have left a bitter taste for the Pokemon Go community. As stated by one of the Redditors: “Every egg event has been terrible. They’re almost always bugged and people spend a bunch of nothing and only a handful get the featured Pokemon.” In reference to the prior Larvesta Hatch Day that didn’t go as planned for most players.

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Everyone is looking for a Shiny Riolu, but it’s going to be hard to hatch all those eggs.

Players are already calling out to “boycott” the event, in the case that the devs don’t offer a better option or a “make up” event. The more audacious players are saying that they do not want a makeup event, but for the company to forget everything about egg events from now on.

If Niantic decide to change the conditions of the Riolu Hatch Day event, we will keep you posted about updates.

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