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With the most recent reveal about the upcoming Obsidian Flames set, to be released on August 11, a Terastalized Charizard ex card has Pokemon TCG players and collectors excited.

The Terastal Phenomenon is coming in hot and ready to take over the Pokemon TCG meta, with the new Obsidian Flames set, featuring Ex Pokemon cards like Dragonite ex and Greedent ex. With the addition of Tera-type cards, players will now have a new mechanic that enables them to protect their benches.

Charizard ex is one of the aforementioned cards, with its Tera type altered into Dark. This new Charizard card is packing a punch with its new ability called Infernal Reign and a 330 HP pool.

Most Pokemon fans and TCG enthusiasts have their sights set on Charizard given how popular and iconic it is to TCG fans.

New Charizard card from Obsidian Flames!

— Leonhart (@LeonhartYT) July 12, 2023

We all know that Charizard is one of the coolest, most popular Pokemon in the whole franchise. And with this new “gorgeous” Charizard ex card revealed, it proves that its reign over all Fire-type Pokemon is still going strong.

Previous Obsidian Flames reveals shed some light on other popular Pokemon like Gardevoir ex, which could be a meta competitive card, and also, Paldea’s own Legendary duo: Koraidon and Miraidon.

The Obsidian Flames expansion pack contains 190 new cards to add to your collection. This will include over 20 new Pokemon ex cards, and more than 15 Trainer cards. Of course, lots of Pokemon cards, all brimming with cool, top-notch quality illustrations.

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