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Roblox’s Arena Tower Defense challenges players to protect their bases from waves of zombies, and you can get free items in the game by redeeming codes. Here is a list of all the active Roblox Arena Tower Defense codes in July 2023.

Roblox has a variety of games in the popular tower defense genre. You can choose from anime-based games like Tower Defense Shinobi and Anime Tower Defense, or the casual Bloons Tower Defense 6. These games have different themes and challenges, so you can enjoy playing them without getting bored.

Arena Tower Defense also treads on the same ground of gameplay but instead of anime villains, you have to defend your towers against hordes of zombies. So if you want to be the last man standing, use these Arena Tower Defense redeem codes and get freebies to help you win your next game.

Artwork of a character in Roblox Arena Tower Defense using their powers.

Working Roblox Arena Tower Defense codes in July 2023

These Arena Tower Defense codes can be redeemed for freebies in July 2023:

  • 73324364 – Access to the Staff Only Room
  • FormatNum(314) – Access to WeirdArenaRoads
  • you need kitsutori 2 – Baller Skin

Roblox codes expire often, so make sure to bookmark this page and visit it frequently. We’ll keep this guide updated with the newest codes as soon as they come out.

Expired Roblox Arena Tower Defense codes in July 2023

As of July 2023, these Roblox Arena Tower Defense codes have expired:

  • 20MHybridCustomers – Gold and StreetCred
  • JOHN – 750 Gold, 500 XP, and a skin
  • 100KPeopleLove – Skin and Cosmetics
  • GoldenCommunity – Beacon Skin Tower
  • DeepestApologies – 700 StreetCred
  • Hyakuman! – 1000 Gold & 1000 XP
  • WereSorry! – 500 Gold
  • ArenaExplosion – 2500 Gold
  • WomanTD – Artillerist Tower
  • HalloweenDowntime – 5500 Gold

How to redeem Arena Tower Defense codes on Roblox

To redeem a Roblox Arena Tower Defense code, head to the redeem tab in the settings menu. Here’s where to find it:

  1. Launch the game on Roblox and click on the Settings icon located on the left side of the screen.
  2. This will bring up the menu. Scroll down till you see the Redeem button and click on it.
  3. Copy and code from the list above and paste it into the textbox and press enter on your keyboard to claim the reward.

And that was everything you need to know about Roblox Arena Tower Defense codes in July 2023. For more content like this, have a look at:

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