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After many leaks and rumors, Routes finally arrived in Pokemon Go. Many players are wondering what the new Pokemon Go Routes feature is all about, so here’s everything you need to know to start exploring.

Pokemon Go is getting ready for Go Fest 2023 with in-person and global events, and new features keep rolling out for players to try out. The latest feature added to the mobile game is none other than Routes, something dataminers have been talking about for years.

But what are Routes in Pokemon Go, and how can you make a Route to get useful items as rewards? We’ll answer all these questions in this complete guide so you don’t miss anything about Pokemon Go Routes.

Pokemon Go Routes explained

Pokemon Go Routes bring a new way in which players can experience the AR game, with a focus on community-created content. With Routes, trainers can create paths to show off interesting sights in their cities. Players who find those Routes can complete them to get to know their community a bit better while also earning all kinds of rewards.

Players can submit their Routes through Pokemon Go and wait for Niantic’s approval to set it in the game. While Niantic assures the review process can take up to 24 hours, some players with early access to the feature confirmed it can take longer in some cases.

The official Routes FAQ page also confirmed that Niantic and official partners can also create Routes in Pokemon Go.

How to make a Route in Pokemon Go

With the official announcement, Niantic have shared a step-by-step guide for how to create Routes in Pokemon Go:

  1. Choose a PokeStop or Gym to be your starting point.
  2. Hit record to begin mapping your Route.
  3. Fill out some info about your Route, then submit it for review.
  4. Once accepted, Trainers can follow your Route!

As you can see, every Pokemon Go Route starts and ends at a point of interest, which can be a PokeStop or a Gym. Niantic revealed the creation feature is still rolling out, so you might have to wait a bit before you can make your own Route.

Greetings, Don! While all Trainers can explore Routes, it is still being rolled out. We hope you will be able to make a Route soon. We appreciate your patience! ^GK

— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) July 21, 2023

If you’re looking to explore other players’ Routes, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Pokemon Go and tap on the Nearby menu in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Check the Route tab to see local Routes.
  3. Choose one.
  4. Follow the Route and enjoy exploring!

As we mentioned, Routes is a feature that’s still rolling out in some regions, so you might not see the ‘Routes’ tab in the Nearby section just yet.

Screenshots of Pokemon Go Routes

Trainers must start and end their Routes on PokeStops or Gyms.

What are Zigarde Cells in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go players can get special encounters while exploring Routes, but they can also stumble upon a brand-new item: Zygarde Cells. These items can be collected with the newly-introduced Zygarde Cube and are used to change Zygarde’s form.

Legendary Pokemon Zygarde is debuting with the Blaze New Trails event and players can catch it by completing the Special Research titled From A to Zygarde. The Order Pokemon can change its appearance based on the number of Zygarde Cells you have in the Zygarde Cube.

That’s all we know about Zygarde Cells and the Zygarde Cube for now, but we’ll make sure to update this section once there are more details about them.

Screenshots of Zygarde Cells on Pokemon Go

Players can find Zygarde Cells while exploring Routes.

Pokemon Go Routes bonuses

While exploring Routes, Pokemon Go players can enjoy the following bonuses:

  • Follow a Route to its end for the first time to earn a new Route Badge.
  • Earn Buddy Candy more quickly.
  • Pokemon will be more attracted to Incense when you’re exploring a Route for the first time.
  • Earn an XP bonus for the first Route you complete each day. After completing Routes for seven days, you’ll receive an increased XP bonus.
  • Earn a Buddy Heart when you complete a Route while adventuring with your buddy!

It is not yet known if special events will affect Routes in any way, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

That’s all you need to know about Pokemon Go Routes. For more Pokemon content, check some of our other guides:

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