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New Apex Legends players may initially struggle to get the hang of the game and start winning matches. That’s where the Apex Legends Orientation match comes in, and here’s our guide on the beginner-friendly feature.

Apex Legends isn’t the easiest battle royale game to get into, as it has evolved a lot since it was released in 2019, and Season 17 has added a lot of new content, including an overhauled Firing Range, World’s Edge map changes, ranked changes, and the new Legend Ballistic.

A new player trying to find their feet in Apex Legends may struggle to take on all of the content, from gameplay mechanics and Legends abilities to the arsenal of weapons and various lootable items that will aid you on your way to victory.

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment have upped their efforts when it comes to teaching new players the game, so for those wondering what Orientation matches are, here’s our guide.

apex legends kings canyon relic poi season 14Apex Legends Oriental matches take place on Kings Canyon, the game’s first map.

What are Apex Legends Orientation matches?

Orientation matches in Apex Legends are beginner-friendly matches played on Kings Canyon filled with AI bots that allow new players to get to grips with the game at a slower, more controlled pace. They are available to new players after completing the initial training tutorial.

You can also do these Orientation matches with a more experienced player so they can help you learn the basics at a slower pace. The match features 16 squads of bots, with a chance of four squads being actual players.

How to complete an Apex Legends Orientation match

You can complete an Apex Legends Orientation match by coming first or top five in multiple matches.

Once you graduate by completing your Apex Legends Orientation matches, you can not access them again. Instead, you will be placed in normal public lobbies with the rest of the player base, but don’t worry, as you will be matched against similarly skilled players.

How many Orientation matches are there in Apex Legends?

Players will be able to play Orientation matches until they perform well enough to be placed in public lobbies with the rest of the game’s population. This means, if you win or come top five more than once, you will be placed in normal lobbies.

That’s all for Apex Legends’ Orientation matches but for more make sure you check out our other guides below:

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