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As Bethesda prepares to release Starfield, their largest RPG to date, fans have countless questions about it. A common query is whether it will include New Game Plus or not, so here’s everything we know about it.

With over 1,000 planets to explore in around 100 star systems, Starfield might take many hours to beat. However, that won’t stop the most die-hard RPG fans from exploring the game’s various narrative routes. This naturally lends itself to multiple playthroughs, which is where a New Game Plus game mode could come in.

Bethesda RPGs from the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises have always had multiple paths based on the choices you take. However, none of them have ever had a dedicated New Game Plus game mode. So, will Starfield break this trend and be the first to offer one?

Here’s everything we know about New Game Plus in Starfield.

Is there New Game Plus in Starfield?

Bethesda hasn’t yet confirmed if Starfield will have a New Game Plus game mode or not. However, if you go by their earlier RPGs, it’s unlikely that they would implement it at launch. The most likely reason for this is that the multiple paths you can take in Bethesda RPGs like Fallout 4 and Skyrim are already quite distinct.

constellation leader sarah morgan in starfield

Starfield has romance options with multiple NPCs.

The New Game Plus game mode usually offers bonuses like extra items, skills, and experience multipliers, or sometimes it will instead allow you to keep items, perks, and traits, from your last playthrough.

This might not work for a non-linear RPG like Fallout 4 or Skyrim that offers a completely new experience each time you play the game. Having New Game Plus would drastically alter the existing narrative routes. It might also break the roleplaying immersion that you would otherwise experience on the new path. However, this is all speculation, and it is possible that New Game Plus will be included at launch or in a future update.

If Starfield doesn’t include the New Game Plus game mode, modders may take it upon themselves to add it. They’ve done so for Skyrim and Fallout 4, as well as some other RPGs in recent years, such as Cyberpunk 2077.

That’s all for New Game Plus in Starfield. Check out the following guides if you want to learn more about the game:

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